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What We Do?

Kaztech Solutions is an established and trusted IT solutions provider, offering infrastructure services and support, hardware maintenance and procurement services.

Established in 2012, Kaztech Solutions has enjoyed continuous year on year growth. We believe this has been achieved through providing our customers with first-class service, technical expertise and competitive pricing. Our size is what makes us great, quick to change, fast to respond and personally involved in all aspects of our business. Our flexibility and straight forward approach to everything we do gives us an edge over larger organisation.

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Who We Are

Originally an online hardware reseller, we expanded our portfolio to supply IT Hardware, Software and IT solutions. Our solutions cover all areas of data storage, virtualisation, networking and security through to cloud enablement. Over the last 3 years Kaztech Solutions have developed strategic Vendor partnerships with a portfolio of world-class IT Vendors and has gained the highest levels of sales and technical accreditations.


Our existing customer portfolio consist of SME’s through to global enterprise companies, we work closely with them to understand their business objectives and implement a technology solutions that will help accomplish them. Whether your business objective is to reduce overall costs, increase your market share, increase revenues or improve customer satisfaction, we will design a technology solution with that goal in mind.

What We Do

Our mission is to deliver best of breed, leading edge, cost effective technology solutions backed by the highest levels of service and support, allowing our customers to continually challenge us to improve their IT performance whilst reducing overall costs.

Kaztech Business Consulting was created because of the increased requirement for customised business solutions to commercial, government and non-profit organisations. Kaztech Business Consulting strives to be different and to deliver a superior experience to our clients. We believe that the relationship is as important to the solution, and can only be built on integrity, trust, and time.

As we’re a small, flexible company we understand the importance of building and maintaining accountable, trusting business partnerships, focusing on results, and providing world-class services at reasonable prices. As our consultants are among the best the local market offers, we’re able to trim costs by assigning fewer, but more experienced resources to each project, ultimately passing those savings and that expertise along to you.

At Kaztech, we are relentless in our commitment to listening to our clients, assessing their true needs and building trust, as we realise that a good, open and honest relationship is the first step on the road to their success.

A vision is more than just a dream. It’s more than the ability to predict what could happen somewhere down the road. A vision is a plan for reaching the future on your terms, and maintaining the results you need once you get there. We’ll help you see the future, and plot a course to help you get there profitably and smoothly.

Having a compelling product and / or service offering is no longer enough.

Organisations need to totally align the efforts of all of their people to the needs of their customers / service users in order to drive efficiencies, growth and, for commercial organisations, higher profits.
Kaztechs Solutions’ Customer Centric Business Change Framework enables our clients to harness four key enablers of customer centricity in an integrated way to achieve these ends. The four key enablers are:

Customer Experience: Using how customers and service users ‘feel’ about your organisation to generate confidence and loyalty in your service / product
Channels: Creating a single view of your client / customer so as to deliver a consistent brand experience across multiple channels and processes
Processes: Ensuring that the whole of your organisation’s efforts and work are entrely focused on satisfying customer needs and are delivered in the most efficient and effective way

Customer Metrics: Gathering and using customer / service user metrics to turn data into useful intelligence that enhances service delivery, efficiencies and profits

Change can be frightening.

Large system implementations, divestures, acquisitions, and downsizings are just a few of the myriad examples of change taking place in businesses every day. And these changes require your people to behave differently in order to achieve the result you expect.

Whereas many firms focus on just the technology solution or the new org chart, Kaztech Business Consulting understands that it is people who use the technology, who inhabit the boxes in the org chart, who look for technology to provide certain outcomes, and who drive the business underlying the processes that the technology automates. By taking the fear out of change our consultants help you achieve your goals with everyone’s help.

Kaztech’s Programme and Project Management approach.

Brings together industry-recognised best practice and the significant experience of our people to provide a pragmatic, integrated approach to planning, managing and controlling that can be applied to programmes and projects of any size and complexity.

Where required by the client, Kaztech can provide Programme and Project Managers with specific qualifications and experience in externally recognised methodologies (e.g. Prince2 & ITIL) in order to manage projects that need to conform to those methodologies.

Faster, Better, Cheaper.

These objectives drive companies forward, but where to cut, how much to cut, where to implement – or NOT to implement – technology, and how to unwind and realign years of focused process optimization?
The Kaztech process improvement approach combines elements from industry best practices to tailor a method and solution that meets unique client needs, and works within the organization’s culture. We’ll work with you and your teams to understand what you want to get out of a process improvement / process analysis effort and drive tirelessly towards those goals.

Our Partners

We work to the highest standards and have an on-going investment in the development of our people across all areas of the business. Our vendor certifications and all-inclusive range of suppliers and distribution partners, allows us to provide our clients with aggressive pricing across a range of products including Desktops, Servers, Networking Products, Enterprise Solutions, Printers, Consumables and a variety of Software products licensing. This is backed by pre-release information and support from our vendor partners which enable us to advise on and deliver the very latest services, solutions, products and updates.

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